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Product Of Australia

Health Benefits

Tamarillos are a good source of vitamin C and dietary fibre. They also contain some vitamin A and potassium.
100g of Tamarillo yields the following:

  • Calories – 31
  • Total Carbs – 3% of DV
  • Protein – 2g
  • Dietary Fibre – 9% of DV
  • Vitamin A – 21% of DV
  • Vitamin C – 50% of DV
  • Calcium – 1% of DV
  • Iron – 7% of DV

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Selecting tips

Select well shaped fruit with good colour, be it red, yellow or purple depending upon variety. The fruit should have fresh green stems and yield to gentle pressure to indicate it is ripe and ready for eating. Avoid fruit with any soft spots or bruises.

Enjoy fresh simply by cutting in half, sprinkling with sugar and scooping out the pulp. Slices or halves can be seasoned and grilled for 10-15 minutes and served as a vegetable. Do not cut on a wooden or other permeable surface, as the juice will make an indelible stain. To remove the skin, pour boiling water over the fruit and allow it to stand for 34 minutes, then peel by beginning at the stem end. Use as an ingredient in a stuffing for roast lamb. Combine with apple in a variety of desserts. Use to make jams, chutneys and sauces.

Storage: Ripen at room temperature and store in the refrigerator for a short time.