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Product Of Australia

If you are looking for something sweet and refreshing, honeydew is the perfect snack to go to.

Health Benefits

Honeydew is an excellent source of Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant in blood and cells, which plays an important role in boosting immunity. It also allows for collagen produce and assists with anti-aging. Honeydew is also a good source of potassium which reduces blood pressure and maintains fluid and electrolyte balance. This is essential for muscle contraction and proper nerve conduction.

100g of Honeydew Melon contains:

Vitamin C – 30%

Iron – 1%

Vitamin B-6 – 5%

Magnesium – 2%

Selecting tips

  • Choose melons that are heavy for their size and have a smooth, undamaged rind with a waxy feel to them.
  • Avoid melons that are very soft or feel damp at the stem end.

Storage tips

  • Honeydew Melons should be nearly spherical and can be stored in refrigerator for up to two weeks.