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Product Of Australia

Also known as the Key Lime, the West Indian Lime is renowned for its juice. At first glance, these limes are quite small in size, but offer about 40% of its volume in juice. West Indian Limes are better suited to cooking than garnishing, and are often used in seafood ceviche, dressings, marinades, and the famous Key Lime Pie. Unlike Persian Limes, the West Indian Lime does have seeds, so be sure to watch out when cooking.

Health Benefits

  • Vitamin A –1% of DV
  • Calcium – 3% of DV
  • Vitamin C – 35% of DV
  • Iron – 5% of DV
  • Vitamin B-6 – 4% of DV
  • Magnesium – 2% of DV

Selecting tips

  • Select a firm, smooth, thin-skinned lime that feels heavy in hand.
  • Pick limes that have relatively smooth skin, rather than deep, thick dimples.
  • The limes that have a sweet, pleasant smell will yield the best flavour.

Storage tips

  • Limes may be kept out at room temperature for up to one week.
  • Also store in the refrigerator, in a loosely sealed plastic bag, (will remain fresh for about 10–14 days).
  • They will keep longer, but may start to lose flavour after two weeks.