Capsicum - Red

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Red Capsicum

Capsicums are extremely versatile as they can be stir fried, stewed, stuffed, roasted, barbecued or eaten raw.   Capsicums are commonly red, green, or yellow in colour and range in sweetness with the red being the sweetest.

Health Benefits

Capsicums are rich in vitamins A and C, and can also help relieve stomach aches, muscle spasms, arthritis, and prevent skin ageing. 100g of capsicum yields:

  • Vitamin A – 23% of DV
  • Vitamin C – 404% of DV
  • Vitamin B-6 – 15% of DV
  • Iron – 6% of DV
  • Magnesium – 6% of DV

Selecting tips

  • Choose capsicums that are deeply coloured, glossy, and firm
  • Capsicums with the straightest sides will be the easiest to peel
  • Avoid capsicums that are wrinkled, have dull skin, and have soft spots or blemishes

 Product Of Australia