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Blackberries are soft, black and oval-shaped fruit made up of many small rounded globules called ‘drupelets’.  They are red early in the season, but turn black as they ripen.Blackberries are very sweet and juicy, but soft and do not have a long shelf life, so they should be eaten within a few days of purchase.  They are excellent in jams and sauces so pick some up from Harvest Markets when they are in season.

Health Benefits

100g of Blackberries yields the following:

  • Calories – 43
  • Total Carbs – 3% of DV
  • Protein – 1.39g
  • Dietary Fibre – 21% of DV
  • Vitamin A – 4% of DV
  • Vitamin C – 35% of DV
  • Calcium – 3% of DV
  • Iron – 3% of DV

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Selecting tips

  • Select blackberries that are firm, dry, brightly coloured, and plump.

  • Avoid blackberries that are wet and mouldy.

  • Avoid blackberries with bruises or dents.

Storage tips

  • Blueberries may be refrigerated for two to three days.

  • Wash and freeze berries in a plastic bag removing as much air as possible.

  • The berries will keep for several months in the freezer.

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